Pros and Cons of hiring hog roast machine

If you are in a situation where you can’t decide wether or not to hire a machine for your catering event or simply let someone else do the full job, here are a few pros and cons that might help you decide wether or not to do a DIY job or hire a catering company.

Pros of hiring

1. Cheap

Compared to having a hog roast company cook the pig themselves and do all the other hard work such as provide a chef, serve the food to your guests, clean up ,etc, the cost of hiring a machine is of course much cheaper as you would expect. A hog roast catering company in around Manchester, Blackburn and Preston will typically charge around £150 to £300 for the hire of a machine. The price of providing a full catering service (dependent on many factors such as number of guests, menu, location) can easily quadruple that plus another £1000 or so. So if you are looking for a cheap or the lowest price/most economical way to have a hog roast it would be to hire

2. Learn a new skill.

When you cook a pig for the first time you will learn many skills. You will learn about how to score a pig and prepare the skin so that you get the best crackling. You will learn how to cook a pig slowly at the right temperature, ensuring the animal doesn’t burn or dry out. You will develop skills in how to butcher the animal once it is cooked and how to serve it to your friends and family. You will begin to understand the different qualities and textures in the different cuts of meat on the pig. This is very important for a professional particularly when prioritising your most important guest. The bride and groom at a wedding party for example should be served meat that is high on the pigs body such as the tenderloin and not say the leg which is much less tender. However possessing this knowledge comes with experience and research so you can see how the DIY job would perhaps begin to lose on this point

3. You will impress your guests

Whatever happens, your guests will turn up and they will be impressed that your are cooking a full animal for them. This type of cooking is perceived to be professional territory. Even if you aren’t a chef, you will appear to be one. You are doing something that 99% of people have never done before and people will be fascinated with the theatre.

Next post i will be discussing the cons or the drawbacks of hiring a machine for your event. The most unfavourable situation which i will be discussing is the ‘disaster scenario’.

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Alex Heap. Managing Director Style Cafe.

Fantastic day fantastic food. We had so many compliments from our staff and friends. Big thanks to the Urban Hog Roast team...

Mrs J Normington

My husband said it was the best roast pork he had ever eaten. The food was to die for

Dr Fairburn

Exceptional. We have had a few caters in the past but the Urban Hog Roast far exceeded in quality and service. Many thanks