Hog Roast Blackburn

Hog roasting is often considered as a grand event, where barbecuing of the male pig is the major attraction. It is often followed by a tasty meal course.

If you are looking for good caterers in Blackburn, Lancashire, you will be thrilled to know that there are several catering companies in the market who can satisfy your needs of outdoor catering. The Urban Hog Roast Company has been in the market for the past decade and guarantees its customers with the best services.

The company has been barbecuing pigs for more than 35 years which guarantees that the butchers and caterers will be experts in hog roasting. There are basically three types of hog roasts offered by the company which include:

a. Hog Roasts with crackling that are stuffed with onion. It is often served in a roll made of bread.
b. Hog Roast Blackburn with a more natural touch i.e. served with leaf salads, peppers, boiled potatoes, cucumber.
c. The third type of hog roasts includes the one prepared in a similar fashion as above but followed by a dessert.

The Urban Hog Roast Company has expertise in outdoor catering. There are many farms on the outskirts of Blackburn where such hog roast Blackburn parties can be conducted like Hog Roast in Wigan. The company provides the facility to choose the type of pig that will be roasted in the evening. Your options for the type of pig may include the farm pigs and the ones which have been raised outside of it. This is important to ensure the health of the pig and also to determine whether it will be fresh and tender.

The company has won many prizes in the past which makes sure that it never compromises on the quality that it caters.
The Urban Hog Roast Company is specialized in catering on events like weddings, garden parties and many more high tech corporate parties.

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Alex Heap. Managing Director Style Cafe.

Fantastic day fantastic food. We had so many compliments from our staff and friends. Big thanks to the Urban Hog Roast team...

Mrs J Normington

My husband said it was the best roast pork he had ever eaten. The food was to die for

Dr Fairburn

Exceptional. We have had a few caters in the past but the Urban Hog Roast far exceeded in quality and service. Many thanks