About Us

The Urban Hog Roast Company was born out of a café that wanted to serve more than bacon sandwiches on a Friday morning to the customers on a local Lancashire industrial estate. With no idea of how successful serving a pig in a bun would befrom what was then a shabby old tent in the wet autumn rain, grew one of the most successful food events in the local area. Within weeks as the reputation of the local café’s Friday hog roast spread, the numbers of sandwiches sold in there hundreds. Local’s who had quickly heard about the weekly event joined queues of hungry workers. So from this the Urban Hog Roast Company was born.

We believe in

  • Locally sourced meat
  • The health and well being of animals before slaughter
  • The support of local quality food suppliers
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Alex Heap. Managing Director Style Cafe.

Fantastic day fantastic food. We had so many compliments from our staff and friends. Big thanks to the Urban Hog Roast team...

Mrs J Normington

My husband said it was the best roast pork he had ever eaten. The food was to die for

Dr Fairburn

Exceptional. We have had a few caters in the past but the Urban Hog Roast far exceeded in quality and service. Many thanks